Ensuring Diverse Voices

For the past decade, the Class Action First Gen Summit has been welcoming all students to attend the summit for free. Institutional and organizational sponsorship along with faculty, and staff administrator tickets is what keeps the summit free for students and allows institutions of all types to attend. To ensure a diverse set of voices are represented at the summit there is a limit on the number of students that can attend from each institution. Each institution is granted three free student spots. If an institution would like to bring more than three students please consider sponsoring the summit. Sponsorship for virtual attendance will be at the same rate as in-person attendance.

The In-Person Experience

Our first seven summits were held in person and we are excited to be returning to this model for our 10th Anniversarysummit! In-person attendees will be able to attend three workshops of their choosing, a specially designed networking session, and the opening and closing speakers live in person. Each workshop time block will have 3-5 workshop options to choose from.

The Virtual Experience

This will be our first year implementing virtual components alongside an in-person event. This new venture comes with a lot of unknowns but we want to share what we are planning to support you in making your decision.

Virtual attendees will be able to view the opening and closing speakers via a live viewing through a social media platform. Additionally, virtual attendees will be able to join three in-person sessions that are pre-selected by the First Gen Summit Student Planning Committee. Through our planned setup, virtual participants will be able to interact with in-person participants and workshop facilitators.