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Jonathan Allen

Co-Founder and Director of Development, Leadership at Brainery

Jessica Angeles

FGLDI Trainer and Consultant, Class Action/Tufts University

Lisa Augustine

Visiting Fellow Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Boston University

Samantha Badilla

Undergraduate Student, Monmouth University

Misael Beltran-Guzman

College/University Staff, Colby College/Class Action

Kimberly Bennett

PhD Student in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology, MIT Health Sciences and Technology

Michelle Bulnes

Undergraduate Student, Monmouth University

Megan Campbell

College/University Admin, Brandeis University

Tiffany Carpenter

Graduate Student, Northeast Texas Community College/Texas A&M University-Commerce

Ariana Chappell

Undergraduate Student, Colby College

Alex Crisman

Graduate Student, Bridgewater State University

Elaina Curtis

Graduate Student, Salem State University

Juana Delao

Graduate Student, MIT

Davy Deng

Graduate Student, MIT

Dr. Jamie D. Motley

College/University Admin, Wellesley College

Emma Dominguez

Undergraduate Student, Boston University

Tonya Elmore

Undergraduate Student, Northeast Texas Community College

Elvira Garcia

Graduate Student, NYU

Sherly Gonzalez

Undergraduate Student, Monmouth University

Diana Grass

Graduate Student, MIT

Savanna Gray

Undergraduate Student, Wellesley College

Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bridgewater State University

Dr. Sean H. McPherson

Associate Professor of Art History, Bridgewater State University

Christia'n Jarvis

Undergraduate Student, University of South Carolina Upstate

Liora Jones

Undergraduate Student, Wellesley College

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