Misael Beltran-Guzman

College/University Staff, Colby College/Class Action

About this speaker

Misael graduated from Colby College in May 2022. As a first gen and low income student, Misa worked on developing a First-Gen/Low Income (FLI) student success program at Colby starting in 2019. His experience with the FLI@Colby Program led to his current position at Colby as the DEI Co-Curricular Programs Coordinator, supporting the FLI and International Student Programs at Colby and continuing to progress diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition to his role at Colby, Misa also works with Class Action as part of the First Gen Leadership Development Initiative (FGLDI) as a trainer and consultant. In all of his work, Misa seeks to empower first gen students and young professionals.


Exploring Class: Intersection of Class and First Gen Identity - E51-325

Jessica Angeles Maria Martinez Misael Beltran-Guzman