Emily Kwen

Undergraduate Student, Colby College

About this speaker

Emily Kwen is a junior at Colby College majoring in psychology and education. As first-gen/low-income student entering college, Emily had a strong desire to actively contribute in communities important to her, such as the Colby QuestBridge Chapter and the First-gen/Low Income Program (FLI@Colby). Being a FLI@Colby Fellow, Emily works to support and facilitate the FLI community at Colby through organizing programming and connecting with other offices on campus to continually increase the network of support for FLI students. In her (limited) downtime, she enjoys all things art, like painting, drawing, knitting, crocheting, and collaging, as well as listening to (and sometimes writing) music and songs.


Your Voice Matters: Advocating for Collective Effort - E51-325

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