Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Bridgewater State University

About this speaker

Dr. Ashley Hansen-Brown is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts. Dr. Hansen-Brown was a first-generation college student herself, and about half of the student body at Bridgewater State are first-generation students. Her research lab is currently studying possible interventions to make more transparent the "hidden curriculum" of higher education, which refers to the unwritten and untaught rules of how to navigate college; the hidden curriculum disproportionately puts first-gen students at a disadvantage, so determining ways for faculty/staff and institutions to make this information clearer for students is crucial. Dr. Hansen-Brown particularly enjoys forming mentoring relationships with students, both through academic advising and undergraduate research mentorship. She is currently co-advising the Gen. One club for first-generation students at Bridgewater State with Dr. Sean McPherson.


First Gens Beyond Undergrad E51-315

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