Maria Kachrimanidi

Undergraduate Student, Boston University

About this speaker

Maria Kachrimanidi is a sophomore at Boston University majoring in International Relations and Political Science. Coming from Athens, Greece, she has grown to be very interested in the issue of migration, with the situation on the Greek island of Lesbos serving as a catalyst in the formation of the interest. Since then, she has sought to assist migrants in a variety of ways, including her work as a volunteer tutor in a refugee camp in Greece, her involvement in research on the issue of climate-induced migration in Africa, and her current role as a Global researcher in the BU-led organization Migration Tales: an organization seeking to amplify the voices of migrants globally. She hopes she will be able to further her political involvement in the area as well as she moves on to her third year in college.


Storytelling: A Tool to Empower - E51-361

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