Liora Jones

Pursuing Dreams in the Midst of Fear and Uncertainty - E51-376

A workshop by Liora Jones (Undergraduate Student, Wellesley College)

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About this Workshop

Through her own anecdotes and experiences from childhood up until her college years, Liora Jones, a student at Wellesley College, shares what she has learned about authenticity, success, and happiness as she pursues her goals in the midst of fear, uncertainty, hesitation, and failure. While following our biggest dreams, it’s very common to face these pitfalls along the way. How do they impact our confidence and ability as first-generation college students? How can we use it to empower us? This presentation will teach principles and techniques that students can use to boldly commit to their goals and to articulate what they really want to get out of their college experience and beyond. In addition to this, students will be able to learn how to remain authentic to themselves while staying committed to their aspirations. Attendees will walk away with new perspectives and effective strategies for reflection, personal development, and self-advocacy.

About The Speakers

Liora Jones

Liora Jones

Undergraduate Student, Wellesley College