Elvira Garcia Juana Delao

Unpacking the Graduate School Application Process and Jorney - The Why & How - E51-335

A workshop by Elvira Garcia and Juana Delao

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About this Workshop

First-generation college students are the first in their families to navigate and create higher education paths of their own. Understanding the why and how of applying to graduate school can be unclear for first gen undergraduate students and we hope this workshop provides conversation and guidance.

In this session, you will learn from Juana Delao, PhD student at MIT, and Elvira Garcia, MA student at NYU about why one might attend graduate school and how to set yourself up for success in the application process. You will leave with a small toolkit and personal stories of the process of applying.

About The Speakers

Elvira Garcia

Elvira Garcia

Graduate Student, NYU

Juana Delao

Juana Delao

Graduate Student, MIT